Money Collecting Goons.

"Please Mr. Falo give me a moment of your time..."

So Citibank sent my shit to the collection and all of the operators I’ve spoken to are fuckin’ stupid.

You see when they called me I was busy at work. I asked for their information so I could write it down and call them back but they kept trying to wheel-and-deal over the phone which I couldn’t do at the moment. I kept asking for the number and the extension number but the damn Punjabi bitch kept trying to deal over the phone saying “Mr. Falo I can lower what you owe by 30% if you can pay it all off now” (Which I can’t!)… I asked again for the number, and she said “Mr. Falo, just give me a minute of your time and I can NOW lower it by 40%! Again, if you can pay it all off now”… I said “I can’t make one payment and that I’m willing to make payment arrangements but I can’t talk about all this now because I’m at work, WORKING!”

Now she started getting mad, and I was getting worked up. The fucking thing that gets me is that I’m saying I’m willing to talk and make payment arrangements and this bitch on the line is getting frustrated at me cause I’m not willing to pay it all off at $3000. I wish I had that much saved up cause then I’d pay’em off so I don’t have to hear their shit anymore..

I did get to calling them back and was transferred to a “supervisor”. He was saying the same scripted “30%-40%” bullshit. I told’em I’ll make payment arrangements and again he was shooting for one lump payment deals. I said “No, I can’t do that, I can only do $200 a month”.

The guy said “Fine, how are you going to pay that with a mastercard or visa”
I said “What? I don’t have any credit cards, I’m going to send in a check”
“Well I need the routing and account number now”
“Why do you need all that information? Give me an address to send the check to”
“I need confirmation”
“Well I don’t have that information now..”
“Well Mr Falo, I can’t do anything without that info”
“I’ll call you back again”

After questioning him on why he needs my information..  I need to discuss some things with my “peoples”.. Making payment arrangements over the phone with people of what Indian/British accents doesn’t sound legit as of now.. Sounds almost like an email scam about some guy with hella money in a bank account and needing your help to transfer it your account it get it out because something is wrong with his acct.

I’ll fill you in when more develops…

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