Feelin’ Like A Million Bucks

I love my job.

It’s the same computer things I’ve been doing ever since I was a little kid except now I get PAID!

My job is so damn fun that sometimes I don’t want to clock out and go home, I’d rather just keep working.

Now that I have a job my workout sessions have come to a complete stop. Team HIIT is still up in the air. It kind of reminds of bands with their “together” status.

On Monday I’m going to be continuing HIIT with the Team or not. I’m also modifying the HIIT program with light weights to exhaust the muscles and liver of glycogen, and then take a walk/jog while my body is in a fat burning mode. Ya dig? Also I’m going to be eating a light breakfast, a light lunch, and then a liquid dinner (most likely a slimfast or similar shake).

I got this..

3 Replies to “Feelin’ Like A Million Bucks”

  1. Good stuff. I tried something today called the Spartacus workout that I saw in Men’s Health. I felt like shit 20 minutes in, and not in an “I’m accomplishing a lot so I’m exhausted” way. It was more of a “I’m not ready for this” shit feeling. I quit after those 20 minutes. I need to try it a few more times.

    Go put your first paycheck on black.

  2. Yeah fuck that program. It’s worse than HIIT. 60 seconds of weight lifting, 10 stations, 15 seconds of resting before going to the next station, and on top of that you have to do the circuit 3 times?!

    At least in HIIT you’re supposed to wear out one major muscle. Rest for a day. And then back to wearing out another major muscle.

    After one session of HIIT it’s not a shit feeling, but a euphoric feeling. I think in Team HIIT our biggest weakness isn’t hitting the weights but getting our asses out to do some actual leg running cardio.

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