HIIT Week 5 Wrap Up

Monday – Rest
Wednesday – Biceps & Back
Friday – Cardio (Punching Bag!)

I’m hearing that Josh made a bet with Reno saying that Team HIIT can automatically win if the Samoan-Ninja returns to his high school weight before the reunion. I’m assuming Josh meant the lightest weight I was in high school, and that was 260 pounds.

Well let’s do some calculations…

I currently weigh 352.
260 is the goal to hit.
That’s 92 pounds to lose.
There’s 4 months left till July.
Breaking it down even further that’s 16 weeks left.
I’ll have to lose 6 pounds (rounded up) every week till the reunion.
I’ll do it.

4 Replies to “HIIT Week 5 Wrap Up”

  1. You won’t do it.

    I’m not trying to hate, but 92 lbs. in 16 weeks? That’s a pretty lofty a goal. And if you did do it, your body would look like it was melting when you take your shirt off.

    And BTW, of course ya’ll would win if ONE of you lost 92 lbs. I doubt we lose 92 lbs. as a TEAM over here.

    Also, Reno got his eyebrow pierced? Did he do his bellybutton too?

  2. @Isaiah
    Haha Fat Bastard “My neck looks like a vagina” status.. Yeah it is a giant goal but I’m still going to do it. Oh and I already know that when I lose weight I will have loose skin and that’s based off of me looking at my height and the body mass that I’ve brought myself into. So the “melting” illusion doesn’t worry me at all.

    Honestly, I’ll be happy if I can hit 300 exactly. If I don’t get that extra 40 lbs, it’s still all good.

    And no belly button piercing, lol.

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