HIIT Week 1 Wrap Up

Starting weight of Team HIIT:
Jerry – 379
Tikeri – 351 (38% Body Fat)
Lanu – 234

Monday – Legs
Wednesday – Shoulders + Living Room Wrestling
Friday – Cardio

The first week went really well but there is still some tweaking to the HIIT program that needs to be done to maximize our fat loss efforts. Tomorrow we’re gonna weigh ourselves again but the numbers aren’t going to be made public. Since we posted our starting weight I expect Richmond to post theirs too so we can get the competition rolling.

There’s no way Team HIIT can lose. Seriously.

4 Replies to “HIIT Week 1 Wrap Up”

  1. The peeps in charge of the dinners at this house don’t want my team winning shit.

    Some stuff I’ve had for dinner this past week:
    Fried porkchops, Chinese Food, spaghetti, fried chicken, BBQ spareribs, and fried chicken again.

    I got you though.

  2. @Isaiah
    1. I was not prepared for the Bobby Booshay* hit.

    *It’s really spelled Boucher but didn’t know if you would get the reference if spelled correctly.

    2. Real Talk!! What YOU eat don’t make ME shit!! Hahaha… Nah but for reals, get on the cooks to at least be makin’ eggplant lasagna or somethin’ healthier.

    3. This weekend I’ll be wrecking the diet only because it’s my birthday.

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