So I was walking downtown from the Plaza, all the way to the end to the Neonopolis. Anyways, I run into a Samoan guy and a white guy. Immediately the Samoan guy hugs me and starts talking Samoan, the white guy is just watching. I couldn’t understand, so he tried speaking English as well but with words he didn’t know he used Samoan words. He started asking questions of what’s my name, where I’m from, if I lived here in Las Vegas or visiting. I told him I was actually at the Plaza for a family thing and I was on my way to get my car and drop people off cause it was over. Anyways, he’s poor, a bum, as well as his friend too, cause he asked money for food and giving hand gestures of a putting a spoon in his mouth (the hungry hand-sign), and also the white guy said yeah “We’re both broke”. Gave the guys $5, and left.

Hours later I heard he came through the Plaza.. Did he see a money making opportunity when I told him about the “family thing”. I don’t know but family members did give him money, more money than I had. It was just the Samoan guy not the white guy this time. Seriously, one side of me feels bad and the other doesn’t. It’s my generous side that made me give him money because we have to help our own peoples, but my “other” side says, get a fucking job, stop making our people look bad. Oh well, I hope this doesn’t happen again, cause I hate running into poor Samoan people.

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  1. If I ever saw a homeless Samoan dude, I’d be like, “Go home, then get a job, nigga.” You know there’s room for him somewhere. We were rolling 11-12 deep in my house leading up to Grandpa’s funeral.

    You really slaughtered the English language in this post. Proof reading’s not just for the pros.

  2. Found out that the Samoan homeless guy is a drunk. His family keeps coming back to Vegas to take him back home (home is somewhere out of state) but he keeps refusing.

    Self correcting my own blog is optional. If you don’t like it.. Like Corbin Bleu says… “Deal With It”. Hahaha.

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