I just witnessed a girl’s life destroyed right in front of my computer screen.. No, she’s not dead but her social life is.


I stumbled upon a forum and the topic was spreading like wildfire.. No joke, every refresh there was at least 15+ replies with more damage added.

It starts out like this, someone anonymously posts this girls myspace address, and then to her photobucket account. I went to her myspace and it was all normal, but when you click the photobucket link it shows you a video of the girl laying down in a bathroom, touching her “Wahoo” and showing off her body and face, naked..

I go back to the fourm and refresh the page, already there are like 30+ replies, of people saving the video, and uploading it to youtube and other online storage places (for the purpose of mass sharing). I keep refreshing the page and more replies are added either with more links or requests.. I follow one link and it’s to her boyfriends blog saying she is the bestest girlfriend ever, and then I scroll down to the comments on that page, and there are 50+ replies (from hacked accounts) all with links to the video and photos of things OWNED (Click here to definition of OWNED)..

Back to the forums again, people hacked more myspace accounts and posted/mailed the video to all her myspace friends, then people found out which HS she goes to, posted videos in the high school myspace page, there was much more requests of what they should do too and last I read was they were going to hack to schools main website and post the video on the front page.

This was all done within 20 minutes, I would’ve kept following where it was going but the post was deleted by a MOD in the forums. This girl basically screwed herself (no pun intended). You don’t film videos of yourself or take pictures nude and doing things, and you sure as hell don’t post them on the internet especially a multimedia sharing site like PHOTOBUCKET!!!

I mean shit, look what happened to Vanessa Hudgens.

I’m not going to post any links to it but she’s a white teenaged emo/scene girl, thats as much as I’ll give you. I’m just amazed at how active that topic was before it was deleted, there must’ve been at least 80 responses before it was erased from the site. Kinda funny thing was in the youtube video there was a comments fight going on between which forums it originated from…


Wow, her life is over.. I found out if the post on that particular forum gets too big is auto-deletes itself.. Anyways they posted her number, all her friends numbers, sent emails to entire faculty of her school, created animated gifs of the video and spamming it everywhere, spamming her and boyfriends AIM, her facebook address, her actual house address (also put a pic of her house from google maps), her last name, listed her both parents name and number and people are calling now, this is going to make some FOX NEWS shit.. Now everyone is waiting for her, her boyfriend, and her friends to wake up (this is somewhere next to east coast and school is in session bout 1 or 2 hours from now). You only have one life, and she died twice, lol.