Who? The strippers from DEJA VU thats who!!!

Last night started out with me, Jaime and Walter going to some house so Walt can get his phone back and then heading out to Sheri’s Cabaret to fill out an application for an open security position (well, I didn’t but the other two did), kicked it for a lil bit @ the bar while talking to a good friend I haven’t seen in awhile (She’s the bartender). After we left Sheri’s, there was plenty of time stop @ Circus Circus and tour the Adventuredome and the circus/arcade rooms.

Headed to JB’s house, but before that picked up Carolyn. A lil kickback @ JB’s where it was a reunion and then back to Carolyn’s house to drop her off and then to DEJA VU where I got robbed… Well, not really but sorta. I was really conservative @ the strip club and only spend $74 total (Theme Dances for $30 (Two), $10 admission fee, and $4 credit card fee).

I’d tell you everything that went on but it’s TOO DAMN SEXUALLY EXPLICIT!! Even just for being words, YUP!! Now I’m deciding what I’m going to do for my BDAY and if nothing really goes on that’s cool too.. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off.. LAtEZ.

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