On The Prowl, Like A Tiger, Ready To Pounce…

I think UPS is really a no go… So I’ve deicded to try and go for Sears: Battery/Tire Service. I have an interview tomorrow around noon-ish, hopefully by me getting this job it doesn’t interfere with the whole reunion plans, damnit that would suck if it did. Hopefully this job pays well, and it’s part-time, I also hope something great comes out of this, it’s no PC Tech job but it’s something I’ve also had an interest for… Cars.

This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off… LAtEZ.

2 Replies to “On The Prowl, Like A Tiger, Ready To Pounce…”

  1. you knwo what you can do buddy??
    is just request for those days off right when you start or on your interview. they either ask you or you tell them cus they cant do anything about it!!!!

  2. Yes! Love it! How come you didn’t transfer all your old posts? Weren’t able to?

    I’ll be home in 2 days. I’m in Kuwait already.

    No glutton bowl man.

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