Online Like 'Byaaah'

Welcome to Samoan-Ninja version 5. As my cousin Miah said on a comment (from a post I accidently deleted), he said that my site was vanilla… Meaning too plain. Yeah it is. I’ll be picking at it here and there, but for the most part I’m happy that I got this damn blog system up… It wasn’t hard to setup it’s just that when I imported my archives, the posts were sometimes entered twice/three times, so it took me awhile to delete everything.

I can see the potential with this “web 2.0/samoan ninja version 5”, but I left my heart in samoan-ninja version 4.2… It’s true.

This is the Samoan-Ninaj signing off… LAtEZ.

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  1. The least you could do until you start tweakin\’ the site is change the caption under your name everyday. That\’d be tight.

  2. Is “Once upon a time… can happen anytime” next?

    If that’s not what it says on your poster, that’s the tagline off the only “A Cinderella Story” poster I could find online.

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