Alcatraz Trip

February 18th thru the 22nd I took a late Birthday vacation to San Francisco.

It’s been awhile since I flew in an airplane. I actually got lucky with both flights cause I got to sit next to window (No squishing anyone).

Anyways, you’re probably thinking why I went to the Bay Area (cause I’m usually there a couple of times every year). Well, it’s basically because I won’t be visiting San Francisco for a while. I’ve decided that from here on out I’m going to use my vacation to visit cities I’ve never been to. So before I stop going to The Bay, why not take one more trip to see Family and also visit Alcatraz.

The only downside of the trip was the weather. It rained hard and it caused us to cancel visiting a couple of spots but overall It was still a good trip.

I’ll post pictures later.

Fight Or Flight [Updated]

On February 13th I had to go to the courthouse for a speeding ticket I received last November.

I’ve only been to the Las Vegas courthouse about 4 times. 2 times for jury summons (never got picked), 1 time for my cousin, and then this visit.

It’s been awhile since I’ve stepped foot into the courthouse but when I entered I was immediately reminded of how depressing the place can be. It starts off with grabbing a tote to place your belongings into, then you wait in line to go through the metal detectors and have your items x-rayed and searched. What also doesn’t lighten the mood is having cops staring at everyone as if we’re all criminals (Yes, I know they’re there for our safety, but it’s just the presentation of it).

Anyways, when I made it through the entrance I decided to look for the traffic courtroom myself. It turned into a bad decision because I ended up waiting in front of the wrong courtroom. After I realized my mistake I walked over to the information desk and the ladies there pointed me to the other side of the building where the traffic court area was at and then I found myself waiting in a another long ass line.

As soon as I got to the front of the line, I thought it was to speak to a clerk. Nope. It was for me to grab numbered ticket, and then to sit down in a small overly crowded area and wait for my number to be called on. It stopped feeling like a courthouse and started feeling like I was at the DMV.

When my number was called, I walked up to the clerk, she asked for my ticket, and proof of insurance. When she scanned my all my papers (including my license), she then asked how I wanted to pay the fine (cash/credit/debit). I handed her my debit card, and that’s when it dawned on me, I’m paying off the ticket and I’m not going to see a judge.

“So I’m not going to see a judge?” I said to the clerk
“Well, I can cancel the transaction, and you can see the judge now” she said
“Maybe I’ll see the judge next time”
“Are you sure?”

Now, I was tripping over some of my own words and getting nervous because of what I was asking for. Somehow, I stuck to my guns and asked to see a judge. She canceled the transaction, and printed a piece of paper with an official court order, and gave me the directions to the lower level courtrooms to see the judge.

I took the elevator downstairs, found my courtroom, and sat down outside waiting for the Marshall to let me and another guy inside.

When we were let in, I was told to sit in a chair off to the side in the actual courtroom.

The judge called my name and told me to stand in front of him.

“How do you plead?” The judge said.
“What are my options?” I asked.
“Not guilty, guilty, or no contest”

It was there that I froze. I mean, standing in front of a judge, about to be judged is very intimidating. Seriously, I got all ‘palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy’. My nerves got the best of me, and I chickened out on “fighting” the law.

“No contest” I said.

My judgement? No points, pay the fine, and the offense reduced from speeding to illegal parking.

Yes, I chickened out but I still went to see the judge. Even though I didn’t plead my case, I still ended up with a lower charge. Anyways, that’s pretty much my court experience. It’s not a good one, yet not a bad one either. I think I’ll file it under an “interesting experience”. I just don’t want to see a courthouse for a long time.

[Added 3/15/17]

Ha, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you what happened later that day. This is going to make it an even LONGER post but I try to keep it short. A couple of weeks before my court date when I was requesting the day off to “fight” my ticket, I also found out that WWE RAW was going to be on that same day. At first I wasn’t serious about going when I checked out the available seating because only the upper arena seats were being sold. Then a couple of days later I checked again and now there were floor seats available. In that moment I said “treat yo self” and purchased my floor tickets to RAW.

Took an Uber to the event and spent a good hour or so exploring around T-Mobile Arena. It seems pretty small compared to the Thomas and Mack Center. Food and merchandise was completely overpriced (bought chicken bites with fries and a drink for $15). Overall it was a really good event/experience. My only complaint was that the floor seats were all chair seats taped together which made sitting down really close to the other fans sometimes uncomfortable. Also, there was someone who hella smelled like swamp ass, and every time we stood up to cheer then sat back down the stank was back in the air.

31 Years Old

Here’s a quick recap of what happened on my Birthday weekend.

Friday the 3rd went to a house party and it consisted of egg rolls, mixture of different alcohols, mocking friends in high ass voices, convincing people a shot of Jameson and pickle juice as a chaser is a real thing, pizza, PS4 party games, a record player & actual record albums, arguments over Dragonball Z & Tekken characters (I was listening, not participating), being surrounded by hella cam models (girls and a guy), and then ending the night with my friends making me a root beer float.

Saturday the 4th, I went to Mr. G’s Pub-N-Grub/Johnny Vegas Grill and got hella drunk. I wish I could tell you how the night went but really I don’t remember. Supposedly I got loud (I tend to do that), and started yelling at my friends and random people. One of the things I hate doing is give advice on life, and well I guess I gave out plenty. Anyways, I’m not going to get stupid drunk like that for awhile, not til next year anyways.

That’s pretty much how I spent my Birthday. Drinks and good company. Oh, and I took next week off to go to the Bay Area to play tourist. I’ll post again soon.


So how did 2016 go for me? Well it went pretty good.

I mean I got a new car, went hiking with friends, traveled a lot, had a family reunion, bought a new command center (computer) and was in another wedding. Overall like I said before it was pretty good.

So what’s in store for 2017? Well here’s a list:

  • Post more content on & Youtube as well as other social media
  • Tackle more things from my bucket list
  • Take more pictures and videos using a handheld camera rather than my phone camera
  • Get my passport
  • Travel around more
  • Lose weight

What I want the most out of this list is to travel. Meaning, I want to use my 2 weeks (paid) vacation, and dip into non paid vacation days. I’ll have to tighten up my budgeting, but once I pay off 2 of my most expensive loans, everything will fall into place.

We’ll see how 2017 treats me.

Here And There

March, April, and May I’ve been hella busy.

So busy that I haven’t had any time to update this website. Remember when I said I was going to start with the intention of living a healthy work/life balance? Well life problems kept knocking on my door and I had to handle those issues with doing a bunch of overtime at work. Oh well, them’s the breaks, time to bring you up to speed.

At the end of March & the beginning of April took a couple trips to Arizona to see RJ throw shotput and discus. The first trip we were rollin’ deep with hella family members, and the second trip we took my Auntie Nellie. Both were fun quick turnaround trips, but is was all just too short.

April 2nd, I bought my first car. It’s a used 2005 white Dodge Magnum… Then on April 29th my engine blew up and because of that unfortunate event I had to take out another loan (which put me new car territory debt), and work every Saturday in May… I didn’t get my car back till around May 16th, and it’s been running smooth since. On another note, I kind of named my car FN-2187 or Finn and been thinking about getting my license plate that says TikFury, it’s a serious idea too.

Also in the middle of April, I took a trip down to the Bay Area with my parents for my Auntie To’oa 1 year funeral anniversary. Usually when I go to the Bay Area I usually hang out with my cousins house out in Richmond, but this time I figured I better stick close to my parents and start going to the events I came down for. Overall it was a good memorial and seeing all the family I haven’t seen in a while was very welcoming.

Now that financially I’m in a good position, I can take some small breaks here and there. I mean making money is great BUT 50 hour work weeks to me aren’t. It’s a burnout to me but I had to do what I had to do to stay afloat on these bills. It also hella helps that I live with my parents. One day I’ll get my ass up out of here again.

Well, that pretty much wraps up what the hell I’ve been doing lately and for future plans I’m trying to take a vacation out of this country sometime this year, maybe even cross an item off my bucket list. Only time can tell.


Mary Jane Falls Trail

Last weekend, and the weekend before that I went hiking up to Mary Jane Falls trail with some co-workers.

The first time going it could’ve ended disastrous.

It starts off with my co-worker telling me a bunch of white lies about the difficulty of hiking the trail. The ole “It’s not that BAD of a hike”, and the constant hearing of “The hardest part is already over with” after each strenuous part. I mean, I get it, you’re trying to motivate me BUT I’d rather hear the truth (no matter how good or bad it is). I made a commitment to climb it and better believe that I’ll finish it.

The second part on how it could’ve ended badly was the fact that we got lost and hella went off the trail. There is a sign that we were supposed to run into and tell us to go right but it was missing and we went straight, and the trail difficulty turned hard as fuck. There was even a part where I was stepping on the edge, and if I had fallen, it was going to be a 50+ foot drop down a steep ass slope. It wouldn’t have ended very well for me.

After reaching the top of the trail, I didn’t even get a chance to explore any of the caves in the surrounding area as well as enjoy the waterfall cause I was just too damn tired. We stayed up there for a little bit and then an awkward situation happened. At first there was 2 couples up there, and me and my co-worker didn’t think anything of it. Then all of a sudden like 3 more couples climbed up, and that’s when I said “What is this couples day or something?”. That’s when it struck us, it was freakin’ Valentines weekend, and there was all these couples making their way to the top. Well, after noticing that me and the co-worker just left.

On the way back down, my legs started to cramp up AND my ankle started to get tight. It was getting dark fast, and the wind started to pick up. We finally made it back down, and being all tired and hungry we decided to eat at Pop’s Philly Steaks. The Philly cheese steak was okay, I think I’ll give it another try, just felt like everything tasted “meh”.

The weekend after that we hit up Mary Jane Falls again but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. We actually found where the trail split and stayed on the path. Also another co-worker came with us and everything was a bit easier cause I knew what to expect. After the hike we ended up at a brewery at Red Rock casino and finished the outing watching Deadpool (which I didn’t like but I’ll explain that in another post).

Overall it wasn’t too bad. The part I didn’t like the most was being lied to about the hike (those damn white lies). Second part I didn’t like was wasting my money on Deadpool. Anyways, my adventure is going to be put on pause for a little bit because I’m having ankle problems. I didn’t do anything this weekend because the trail they were going hike up was much more difficult than Mary Jane Falls trail and it would suck to get stuck because my ankle decided to give out. Anyways tomorrow on Monday I have a follow up to finally see whats up with my ankle. I’ll let yall know what’s up. Later.

Mt. Charleston Trails

On Saturday one of my co-workers picked me up and we headed to Mt. Charleston to hike up Mary Jane Falls (attempted).

The adventure kicked off to a very slow start. We were supposed to be on the road by 11am, but my co-worker kept falling asleep. It wasn’t until 1pm he showed up at my house.

On our way to Mt. Charleston another small delay happened, we got hungry. So we decided to stop and get something from Burger King. While sitting down eating, some guys came in and tried selling their cologne to everyone. It was funny and sad at the same time. After we finished our meal and getting back to the car one of the cologne “salesman” tried again to get us to buy their product with the pitch “It’ll make the girls panties drop”. I politely said no and we were back on the road.

I knew there was going to be snow there. What I didn’t know was that the weather was going to be a bit harsh. It’s a good thing I didn’t take The Green Goblin cause the windshield wipers in that thing don’t work and we would’ve had to Ace Ventura it up the mountain.

About 30 minutes left to get to our destination on Mt. Charleston two things happened. One, the car wasn’t powerful enough to climb up the mountain. Two, my co-worker wasn’t watching the gas level and we were between half and quarter tank left. Realizing we probably weren’t going to make it to Mary Jane Falls we pulled over to the nearest lot (which was The Resort), and decided to hike whatever trail in that area. The beginning of the first trail wasn’t too bad, but while trying to get to the second trail it became too steep with snow and me and my co-worker kept sliding down the damn thing. It wasn’t worth trying to “climb” it and decided to try and find another trail and walk around that.

After walking on another trail we found we hiked on it for a little bit then decided to turn around cause we didn’t know how far it went and where it ended. Also it was started to hail/snow pretty hard and didn’t want to be those guys on the news cause we got stranded out in the cold.

While going back into Las Vegas we decided to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant called Basil N Lime. The food was good albeit pricey. Overall it turned out of be a rather busy but interesting day. Since we didn’t get to hike where we wanted to go, we decided we’ll do it when there’s no snow, probably right before summer hits. Anyways, that was my Saturday. This is the Samoan-Ninja signing off.